snl (fake interpreter & obama)*If you missed Saturday Night Live you missed a really stupid funny skit involving President Obama and the knucklehead fake Mandela Memorial sign language interpreter.

The president’s character made an appearance at the very top of the show (a cold intro) to quickly dispose of the trio of distracting controversies that arose at this week’s Nelson Mandela memorial, then give a talk about health care.

But that of course wouldn’t necessarily be humorous, so of course the phony sign language interpreter appears to “translate” for the prez. That was hilarious enough by itself, then comes German Chancellor Angela Merkel wanting a “selfie” because she saw Danish Prime Minister Helle Thorning-Schmidt get one with Obama. Believe us it’s a hoot.

Then for one more  laugh, the fake interpreter returns. Yep, if you missed a good one Sat. night. But don’t despair, you8 can see it out below.