big daddy kane (2013 soul train awards)

Big Daddy Kane representin’ at the 2013 ‘Soul Train Awards’

*Hey y’all! It’s Kimberly from “Kimberly Gossip.”

I’ll have a complete Soul Train Awards 2013 recap for you soon, but I wanted to hurry up and give MADD kudos to the ending of the “Soul Train Awards 2013,” which trumped the entire show!

Anthony Anderson was like, “Big Daddy Kane, take us home!” Big Daddy came out spitting a few old school bars, and then broke out into a fly ass dance routine with his two backup dancers.

Slick Rick and Dougie Fresh took it all the way back to when music was good and fun …. “The Show!”  Oh my God! Slick Rick was fresh and clean rocking his pink fit and pink eye patch.

dougie fresh & slick rick (2013 soul train awards)

Dougie Fresh & Slick Rick

Dougie looked like he drinks from the fountain of youth, barely aging at all, though its been damn near 30 years since the show was originally released to the masses on August 13, 1985.

The people in the audience were rocking, dancing, rapping, clapping, and enjoying the old school artists, who really did give us a “Show!”

If you missed the awards, check out the encore showing on Tuesday, December 3 at 7pm/6c on BET and Centric.

More to come …