terrence howard & mira christine pak1*Who is Terrence Howard’s wife Mira Cristine Pak?

Other than her owning a restaurant and marrying the Oscar-nominated actor after a month of dating, there’s not much the public knows about the new Mrs. Howard.

Thank goodness for associates who are willing to break the silence and give us glimpse. The U.K.’s Daily Mail was on hand to chat with a staff member at Pak’s Shabu Shabu bar in Santa Ana, California. According to the staffter, “’Mira does what she pleases, we never know when we’re going to see her.” Hence the reason why the businesswoman’s friends describe her as unpredictable.

Pak’s unpredictable behavior has done a good job of keeping her workers in the dark. So much so that Pak’s relationship with and marriage to Howard came as a complete surprise to employees. Word around the staff, which learned of Pak’s marriage via a secondary source, is that their boss has been M.I.A. since Howard married her.

‘It’s all a bit crazy, this thing with Terrence, one source told the Daily Mail. “We didn’t have a clue that she was even dating him, then we all heard that she’d married him, and now we don’t know where she is.”

The life of a woman in love. Hopefully, she’ll last longer than Terrance’s other ladies, who saw, for better or worse, the actor’s good, bad and ugly. And as we’ve come to learn, he’s unpredictable, too.

This could make for interesting watching from the sidelines, of course.