traci braxton*Traci Braxton is the latest member of the Braxton family to step into her own with a new online radio show where she talks about her weight loss journey.

Traci told that she was entering the chat world with her new show “The Traci Braxton Show,” which was added to Bliss FM.

“I’m really excited and I’m glad that WeTV is behind me all the way,” she said. “During my practice runs I got nervous a little bit, but I’m excited at the same time because it’s something that I want to do. I love how radio works and you get to say what you want to say and comment on things.”

Traci, who was constantly singled out about her weight by sister Toni Braxton on “Braxton Family Values,”  has plans to open up about any and everything that comes to mind. “Health and wellness, marriage, dating, parenting, style and fashion, encouragement, sex and relationships, social media and events. We’ll cover all of it,” she dished.

She has lost a considerable amount of weight after enlisting the help of a fitness pro and will share the inside scoop on her slim down.

“I have a trainer here in Maryland. He’s great. He makes sure I don’t eat the wrong things, “ Traci told Cocoa Fab. “He’s in my face all day long. That’s crazy because sometimes I do want a piece of bread. When I partake in that he makes me work out even harder.”

Although looking good is always a motivation, Traci admits that her health was the main reason for wanting to get in better shape.

“I’m diabetic and I’m controlling it with my diet. I don’t want to be on medication or insulin for the rest of my life,” she admits. “On my mom’s side, there are amputees and I didn’t want that. I have a son and I want to be around long enough to see my grandkids.”