anthony anderson (pviff)*What’s up y’all, it is I, Bowlegged Lou of Full Force in da place to be … again. 🙂

Now, every now and then, you will come across a certain talent that can be right there in front of your eyes for years but yet, u may not realize just how potent & imPOTENT (aka Important) that talented person truly is & sometimes we can take for granted just what an incredible body of work that person brings to the table from the time the career started till now.

It wasn’t until last year, many folk discovered that in my group FULL FORCE when they viewed our life story on TV-ONE’s UnSung as that episode at that time went on to become the highest rated UnSung documentary in TV-One’s history & just like us, just recently the folks at the Atlanta’s Peachtree Village International Film Festival (PVIFF) found that out about versatile actor, Anthony Anderson too.

Besides Anth being a personal friend of mine, I am truly amazed now & even years back at the body of TV & Movie film work this brother has amassed. It’s incredible! Samuel L. Jackson gets recognized for things like that & I personally feel that Anthony Anderson’s body of work should get recognized more than it does as well.

In the beginning of his career he was the funny fat black guy on TV & Film but then later, he just became the funny, serious, versatile African American actor & personality period! When the Atlanta Film festival folk told me that they wanted to honor Anth, I just volunteered myself to produce his tribute segment. Me & Full Force’s videographer friend Xanda Tonge took it upon ourselves to do the damn thing in Anthony’s honor.

Along with Anthony’s wife Alvina, who was my partner in surprise crime, we got family, friends, celebrities such as Kevin Hart & others to participate in a great tribute video in Anth’s honor. It was a labor of love, respect & support. When Anth saw video tributes coming from all who loves him, I saw him sitting in at his table with tears rolling down his used-to-be chubby cheeks especially when his wife, son,  daughter & mother appeared on the screen & said what they had to say.

WARNING, Anth’s mom is so hilarious & I can see where he gets his humor from. In fact when his mom appeared on the video talkin stuff, Anth was laughing so loud from the start of her speech ’til the end of her speech.
You won’t hear Anth’s loud laughs here as we had to subtract it so u can hear what his mom said. You’ll hear Anth’s funny, but yet serious, acceptance speech.

Check out this video & you will see just what I’m talking about. (Shout out to PVIFF’s Len Gibson, J.B. Brown & the staff of the PVIFF in Atlanta)