winnie mandela*Iconic leader and former wife of the late Nelson Mandela is in some financial trouble.

A South African magistrate ordered Winnie Mandela to sell her possessions, including scores of paintings, sculptures and a silver tea set to pay off her debts, according to recent court documents.

A dining table set, 50 paintings, sculptures and a “room with books” are listed in the sale.

Madikizela-Mandela owes the school around 40,000 rand ($4,300, 3,350 euros) in accommodation fees for a family member, the Sowetan newspaper reported.

She earns around 900,000 rand ($98,000, 75,000 euros) a year as a member of South Africa’s parliament.

Winnie first married Nelson Mandela  five years before he was imprisoned during apartheid in 1963. The couple later split, shortly before he became the country’s first black president after the end of the minority rule.

Mr. Mandela married his now widow, Graca Machel, in 1998.