adrien broner & girlfriend*He’s a man scorned, and he’s not having it!

Boxer Adrien “The Problem” Broner has a big problem on his hand… his fiance (or ex for that) has been cheating on him.

And what better way (not) for him to handle it than to air his dirty laundry and blast her on Twitter.

He tweeted, I’m sleeping one cuz I’m wife @MissLouieBags cheating f**k her and everybody she think I f**k with.”

Then he continued with a low blow,  “I’m glad that baby died man she ain’t for the right.”

Arie, his ex fiance, responded with, “Ion need nobody. I was the 1 too hold mfas dwn after fight night…. #DontYouForGetIt.”

Nevertheless, Arie denied the claim,  “Ion gotta cheat I’m a grown a** women!”

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