Gloria & Laura Govan*Sisters Gloria Govan Barnes and Laura Govan are looking to show what a real NBA wife’s life is like with their own new reality show.

“We’re working on a family show: me, my sister, Gilbert [Arenas], Matt [Barnes], you know all of our kids. You know my sister’s got like 18 kids. It’s really four, but it feels like 18 because they’re all over the place. We’re doing a lot of stuff that we’re doing together, which is really cool,” Gloria joked with

The sisters were first introduced to the world on season 1 of “Basketball Wives” but after Gloria butted heads with many of her co-stars, the two ended up on the L.A. spin-off.

Star of “Basketball Wives” and producer Shaunie said season 3 of the spin-off required a “facelift.” Many people are saying Gloria and Laura didn’t survive the makeover.

In March, Gloria told that she was about done with the series anyway. “When the time is right, I think it’ll be about time for me to leave that show,” she said.

Unlike “Basketball Wives” which tends to focus on the ladies’ relationships with each other, Gloria said the new show will be about their families.

“It’s kinda like a Love & Basketball. Gilbert Arenas is one of the greatest players that has played. Matt has obviously come off of one of his best seasons of his entire area. We really just wanted to show people the really true grind of being basketball wives and being what it looks like to be in that life,” she said. “It’ll just show us in our families and how much stuff we really have going on.”