EUR, Zanelarge*Bestselling author Zane has proven throughout the years with her books and business ventures that she might very well be the hardest working woman in erotic fiction.

Zane has been keeping quite busy with her newest title,“Busy Bodies,” set for release on July 16; two seasons of the Cinemax series “Zane’s Sex Chronicles,” and the Lionsgate adaptation of her second novel “Addicted,” which has wrapped and is now awaiting a premiere date.

How a research assistant became “Zane”

You might be surprised to learn the mega-author (who assumed her pseudonym when she was a part-time research assistant for her theologian father) got her start sharing a few short stories on AOL chat rooms. (Remember those!)

“I had always loved books and had a very vivid imagination as a child, but as far as becoming ‘Zane,’ that wasn’t until November 1997,” Zane told theGrio. “I wrote a short story and shared it with a few people I’d met online. I self-published three more stories online and got about 8,000 hits by word of mouth alone.”

Over the next three years, Zane’s popularity grew online and she was contacted by several major publishers, offering book deals she ultimately turned down.

“They were asking me to tone down my material. They said it was too graphic,” she said. “That wasn’t something I was going to do; I’d received so many emails from readers thanking me for affirming that they were normal, who felt empowered by my material.”

A consummate business woman, with a marketing degree from Howard University, Zane then decided to run a test to gauge the viability of her product. She placed an ad on her website advertising her short stories for a nominal fee, and got an overwhelming response.

“Then I knew that I could sell a book,” she observed.

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