beyonce & jay z - grammys*If you missed it, Mr. and Mrs Carter, otherwise known to the world as Jay Z and Beyonce, kicked off the 56th Grammy Awards Sunday evening.

The two got together for a steamy performance of King/Queen Bey’s smash hit song “Drunk in Love” off her new self-titled video album, “Beyonce” that had tongues waggin’ and tweeters tweetin’ about it.

The couple who wed just about six years ago took to the stage showed off their budoir chemistry to the world with Beyonce seemingly paying homage to “Flash Dance” with her slicked/wet hair look in black undies and bra. Meanwhile, Jay Z sported a tux and together, they got it on for the audience, to say the least. Hmm, on second thought, maybe they should’ve closed the show.

Check em out:

beyonce & jay z (grammys1)beyonce & jay z (grammys4)beyonce & jay z (grammys3)