Michelle williams and Beyonce Knowles*If there’s anyone who knows Beyoncé Knowles other than her family and husband Jay Z, it’s her former groupmates in Destiny’s Child. But even Michelle Williams was taken aback by the highly sexual vibe of Bey’s chart-topping self-titled album.

“I was telling someone on the way here how I was laughing,” Williams recently shared with Us Weekly. “I don’t know if it’s laughter of shyness or embarrassment because the makeup artist and everyone was listening to her say these things, and I’m like, ‘That’s private girl!’ We aren’t supposed to know all that. But she is married and has produced a baby, and we know what you have to do to produce a baby so OK!”

Although the sexual nature of Beyonce’s latest offering was more than she expected with songs like “Rocket,” “Blow” and the Jay Z-assisted “Drunk In Love,” Williams was not hesitant in giving her opinion of the project overall.

“I love her new album,” said Williams, who appears in the video for the single Superpower.” “I think it’s amazing!”

As for a full-fledged Destiny’s Child reunion, Williams stated that she doesn’t think the group will record an entire album again. However, future collaborations haven’t been ruled out.

“I think we just kind of like doing those one offs,” Williams told Us Weekly, while referencing “Nuclear, ” a new song found on Destiny’s Child’s 2013 compilation album “Love Songs.” “I think those are more special.”

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