Porsha Williams*Why get it if she couldn’t afford it?

It’s been two years since reality TV star Porsha Williams  was sued by the Grandview Condominium Association in 2012 for not paying her homeowner’s fees.

Williams ignored the next pursuit for the association to obtain the money in November 2013.

But they were determined to get that money!

A judge signed a court document to have the $17,859.67 garnished from Williams’ bank account.

Ouch! And maybe if she would’ve paid it sooner, there would be no fees.

She actually owes the association $13,584.67, but with the attorney fees, case costs and post-judgement interest, it now totals at nearly $18,000.

Williams earns her money from the hit reality drama, “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” and Go Naked Hair, her own luxury hair business.

So maybe WIlliams will be fine to pay off her debt…. eh, maybe.

A Williams side to the story or she simply couldn’t afford her lifestyle?