Joshua Black

*On Martin Luther King Day, an African American GOP candidate for the Florida House of Representatives called for President Barack Obama to be hanged for treason, reports

On a Twitter feed already full of calls for Obama’s impeachment and accusations that he doesn’t care for military service members, candidate Joshua Black quoted a previous tweeter, saying “I’m past impeachment. It’s time to arrest and hang him high,” and added, “agreed.”


A GOP candidate for a neighboring district saw the tweet and called Black out:


Black responded, accusing Obama of treason and defying any Secret Service attention his post might get:



They went on like that for a while. Black then doubled down in a longer Facebook post, going so far as to quote Jesus Christ in defense of executing Obama:


The local GOP chairman backed quickly away from Black’s comments.

“It is impossible to accept this statement,” Michael Guju said. “This is wholly unacceptable and unduly provocative.”