dencia*Apparently, she didn’t believe her black was beautiful!

Nigerian-Cameroonian singer Dencia has been promoting skin lightening, and to let potential loss souls know the product works, she’s been testing it on herself as can be seen above.

Major difference between the two photos, huh?

Her new product “Whitenicious” is causing much controversy — critics are calling it a product of self-hate and white washing. But the singer stands by her choice to use it, promote it and get paid for it … all to help get rid of “dark spots.”

Many of the critics took to Twitter to express the disgust for the product.

Novelist Kola Boof chimed in with the Tweet below and many more.

“+Nigerian singer DENCIA turn herself white and sells a product called WHITENICIOUS to other Nigerians who want to be white… like Jesus.”

Dencia responded: “Dear Kola Delusional Boof, I’ll take you seriously when you buy a strong bra 2 hold your saggy ass titties. I aint no Kimora @KolaBoof.”

Whoa! Not that we’re siding with her, but good come back, Denicia

There were more critics, of course:


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Watch Dencia’s video for “Beri Beri”: