Chad Johnson*Things are looking up and down for Chad Johnson.

On the upside, Gossip Extra reports that the former Miami Dolphins receiver has avoided an attempt by a Miami condo association to foreclose on an investment apartment he co-owned.

According to court papers, Johnson and his co-owner were in trouble for failing to pay the monthly $863-maintenance fees on the 16th floor condo at the Two Midtown building since June 2009. Despite owing more than $30,000 and being close to losing the his $400,000-property, court papers show that efforts to collect have become a thing of the past in light of the debt being paid.

The Miami condo Chad Johnson almost lost

The Miami condo Chad Johnson almost lost

And now the downside.

Just as things were looking good for Johnson, the former “Dancing With The Stars” contestant took a step or two backwards while doing some last minute shopping on Christmas Eve.

TMZ details that Johnson was at a Toys ‘R Us picking up a few gifts. Nothing wrong with that except for the fact that the athlete wore a t-shirt that said “CARPE THAT F**KING DIEM.” Although the majority of the phrase was written in Latin, the word “f***ing” was written in huge letters in plain English

chad johnson (fu*king t-shirt)When asked about the eye-catching shirt, Johnson responded by telling TMZ, “I should’ve went in with no shirt.”

You think?’