cissy houston & bobbi kristina*After the news of Bobbi Kristina and Nick Gordons marriage had made the headlines, the bride said Grandma Cissy Houston gave them their blessing.

When we first heard that we though two things: either Cissy finally stopped objecting  and and went along with the program or somebody is telling a big fib.

Well, now we know it’s the latter. When TMZ came across Bobbi K and Nick the day after they announced their wedding, they said Cissy was down with it.

The couple also claimed they attended a Sweet 16 soiree and that’s where Cissy gave her thumbs up.

Houston family snitches, err, sources, say they were at the same party and neither BK nor Nick ever asked Cissy for her approval, reports TMZ.

In fact it’s just the opposite the sources says. Houston was highly upset when she found out the two tied the knot last week, but realized there’s nothing she could do it about it.

After all, Bobbi Kristina will be 21 on March 4.  She’s a grown woman. Can’t nobody tell her anything anymore. Yessir buddy!