Kandi-Burruss-and-Todd-Tucker*Looks like Mama Joyce may be on to something, judging by the latest episode of “The Real Housewives of Atlanta.”

In the episode, Cynthia Bailey’s friend Natalie echoes Mama Joyce’s perception of Kandi Burruss‘ fiance Todd as she revealed to Cynthia that she had known the TV producer years ago when he dated her friend. Natalie went on to say that Todd cheated on her friend and “broke her heart a couple of times.”

“Todd knows how to find himself in situations to better himself,” she added.

Needless to say, the other housewives got wind of the revelation through Cynthia, who shared what she found out to them behind Kandi’s back while traveling to a winery outing in Atlanta, radaronline.com reports.

Natalie confronted Kandi about Todd later in the episode after resident diva Kenya Moore stated that she knew Natalie wasn’t even married to her husband, R&B singer Christopher Williams. From there it was on as Natalie and Kenya got locked into a heated exchange

“She was the one telling Cynthia that your man is an opportunist!” Kenya shouted to Kandi.

“Those words never came out of my mouth, lying pageant girl!” replied Natalie, who denied to the other housewives that she said Todd was an opportunist. As it turned out, Natalie meant to say that Todd was “a hustler.”

“Todd knows how to swerve; he knows how to find himself a better situation,” she voiced to Kandi. “Those are my exact words. Todd was always on the ‘come up.’ “

Kandi came back with some facts of her own as she told Natalie that “Nobody cares about your friend! And you can stop bringing her up. Bottom line, you saying he wanted to ‘date up,’ you’re just letting me know you think I’m a hot b***h. And I am!

“I’m successful. I can’t help it and I look good, so that means he has no reason to cheat!” the former Xscape singer continued while raising her wine glass in victory. “He got the hottest b***h he could find in Atlanta. He came up! Give it up for Todd!’ “

Despite defending her man, Kandi confessed to dealing with other issues as she stated that she might go to the courthouse to marry Todd so that her mother Mama Joyce wouldn’t get the chance to stand up and object at their wedding. With that, Kandi added that the idea she had of getting hitched on Valentine’s Day has been put on hold

Kandi’s admissions come as Todd decided to turn down a job he was offered to help her with her musical play.

Other highlights from Sunday’s “Housewives” episode included Cynthia and her husband Peter Thomas celebrating their third anniversary and NeNe Leakes deciding to patching thing up with Porsha Stewart, whom she called a bad friend and visit her new house.