deongelo (d-roc) holmes mugshot*One half of the rap duo Ying Yang Twins, Deongelo Holmes, a/k/a D-Roc, has created a big problem for himself.

Holmes was recently arrested in Georgia for going upside his estranged wife’s head. Literally.

According to prosecutors, Holmes knocked his wife Porsche in the head back in Novemeber. He allegedly hit her so hard it created a big ol’ knot over her left eye.

Authorities charged Holmes with “family violence” and two counts of simple battery. However, he was released on bond after agreeing to stay away from his wife — among other restrictions, according to TMZ.

In related news about D-Roc, back in November the rapper had his child support payments reduced. He was paying $2500 per month, now he’s only liable for $550.

To justify the change in payments, he filed documents in Georgia showing that he had been paying $2,500 a month when he was earning more than $19,000 monthly. Holmes claims he currently earns only $2,860 a month.

The documents revealing D-Roc’s new settlement show he also received a payment plan for the $45,000 he currently owes in back child support.