Jemele Hill

*2013 has come and gone and honors have been given, but if Jemele Hill had her way she would make the N-word her “Sports Person of the Year” for the year that was.

Hill, revealed her pick during her “parting shot” segment on the Sports Reporters program. While mentioning that awards like Time magazine’s “Person of the Year” are used to highlight “impact, the ESPN host said she wouldn’t give athletes like Serena Williams or Peyton Manning the ““Sports Person of the Year” award.

“My sports person of the year wouldn’t be a person at all but a word that is both reviled and revered,” said Hill.” In 2013, Hill noted that “sports took on the N-word,” as she cited Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver Riley Cooper, who “was caught on video yelling it at a concert” and Miami Dolphins lineman Richie Incognito, who got caught using it “affectionately with black teammates.”

Hill continued to make her case with a reference to a situation where after an NFL player was alleged to have called an umpire the “N-word,” the Fritz Pollard Alliance went so far as to ask that players be fined or ejected for using the “N-word.”

“Eradicating the N-word won’t eliminate racism, but this year sports challenged our grip on the word,” the Numbers Never Lie co-host said. “That’s impact.”

To see Hill naming the N-word as her 2013 “Sports Person of the Year,” click on the video below: