Kevin Hart*You have the right to remain hysterically laughing!

This weekend audiences all over the country will be manic with giggles at Kevin Hart and Ice Cube‘s new cop-buddy comedy,Ride Along.

Universal Pictures, “Ride Along” is the first leading role for the comedian. Hart plays a video game obsessed security guard trying to impress his girlfriend’s brother, an Atlanta police officer played by Cube.

EURweb associate Fahnia Thomas was on the red carpet for the movies world premiere. While there, the ever effervescent and vivacious Hart obliged us by playing the game – Marry, Shag, Kill.

“I’m going to marry Michelle Obama because it’s the respectful thing to do, to the first lady,” said the comedian. “I’m going to kill Beyonce because that is my closest friend’s wife and I wouldn’t talk about having a shag moment with her. And because Tika Sumpter is my co-star in the film and we played an engaged couple in love and about to be married, I can say it would be OK for us to shag in an appropriate way for the film.”

Click here to watch the quick witted comedian answer the question, like only he can!

Keeping with the vibrant and lightheartedness of the movie, the stars shared with us who they would take on a ride-along.

Will PackerLil P NutDavid Banner“I’m going with Cube because with Kevin that’s going to be a long road trip,” joked Will Packer the film’s producer. “He is not going to stop talking. But either one would be fun!”

“Both of them,” said Lil’ P-Nut. “Kevin because he is funny and would keep me laughing. And Ice Cube because he would play his music.” The 11 year old, plays David Banner’s little brother.

“I’d pick Kevin,” said Banner. “Cube is too much like me. I don’t think we’d be doing too much talking. Kevin would make sure we wouldn’t fall asleep.”

Tika SumpterLeading lady Tika Sumpter shared her favorite scene in the movie.

“The Black Hammer scene,” said the actress. “And everybody will know why once they’ve seen what the Black Hammer is!”

Ice CubeIn the film, Hart is trying to get Cube’s blessing to marry his sister.  We asked the rapper what he did, to get his in-laws to like him.

“I showed that I was a great guy,” said the artist. “I didn’t have to do a lot. I just showed that I was going to take care of my wife.”

Tim StoryFor fans who want to see more, director Tim Story, says a sequel could happen.

“We are planning a sequel in the event the movie does what it’s suppose to do,” said Story. “We are defiantly going to take them out of Atlanta and maybe to Miami.”

So, if you’ve had a long week or need to burn some calories laughing, go see “Ride Along!”

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