kevin hart, ice cube, new movie ride alongFresh off of a record-breaking weekend at the box office, media partner chatted with Ride Along’s Kevin Hart and Ice Cube.

If you’re a fan of Hart, you’re well aware of his popular, spontaneous rapping alter ego, Chocolate Droppa.

While Droppa didn’t make an appearance in his latest film, we did chat with him about future plans for his split personality to appear on the big screen. We also got some insight on Hart and Cube’s spiritual side asking them what one question they’re DYING to ask God.

Check out part of the interview below.

Jasmine BRAND: ‘Chocolate Droppa’ is becoming almost more famous than you. Would there be anytime in the future that he would be making a cameo appearance or something?

Kevin: Well you know the beauty of doing Chocolate Droppa is [that] it’s just so random. It’s so random it makes no sense and it’s funny to just pop-up and go away for some time. He’s just a character but that character has definitely developed into something else, so in the future who knows what may be there. If there’s a Chocolate Droppa movie or web series, there will be something, I just don’t know what.

Last question for both of you guys, if you had the opportunity to ask God one question, what would it be?

Ice Cube: You gon’ let me in? Thats the question I need to know.

Kevin: That was quick! I ain’t following that question. Ima look like an a**hole if I don’t ask God if Ima get in. Thats a perfect question man!

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