faith evans*She doesn’t need a man!

Faith Evans isn’t against love, but she isn’t worried about it either.

The “Love Like This” singer isn’t loving anyone, but she once welcome love more easily.

Take her marriage with Notorious B.I.G. They fell in love quick and she knew it was real. Although she isn’t opposed to it, she said it has to feel and be real like her first marriage.

“There was a time when that was definitely a part of my big picture, being married and growing old with someone… I wouldn’t say ‘no,’ but I’m certainly not looking for it,” Faith told the “Bethenny” audience.

Her second marriage ended two years ago. And now she’s being careful with who she lets into her heart and life.

“I’m very careful about who I bring into my private space, especially in a romantic sense. I don’t waste my time… When me and B.I.G. met…we actually married less than two months after we met each other. Very early on…we definitely felt like we were in love with one another,” said Faith who doesn’t necessarily equate love with marriage.

Although being married was once part of the dream, she feels being in love with someone doesn’t have to translate into marriage — spoken like a true divorcee.

“Just being married with a ring and a paper doesn’t necessarily solidify the closeness or the bond,” she reasoned.

As for the ongoing battle to find her first husband’s killer, she said they gave up hope for LAPD to be any help.

“We just basically stopped spending our money on trying to hope that the LAPD was going to do their part. It’s not closed. It’s just a matter of when they really feel like they want to do the right thing,” she said about the case. “We’ve definitely gotten to a point where we realize it’s very possible that may not ever happen and that’s really sad.”