fantasia*Nope, she’s not depressed. She’s happy!

Fantasia co-hosted and was interviewed on “The View” to discuss her involvement with a married man and allegedly being suicidal.

The “I Believe” R&B singer shut down rumors she was suicidal.

First, she did so on Instagram, “Lol!!! Who keeps this stuff Going?? It’s becoming a Lil questionable lord lord lord,” she wrote. “It’s almost been a Year and this is still going on. Lol!! He and I are not together. I’m not going anywhere so stop trying to make me Dead.. Lmao!!! I’m just getting started.”

Then on “The View” she addressed the rumors again.

“I’m not depressed. I’m blessed,” Fantasia said before explaining that she views the gossip as an attempt to tear her down. “I think that when you carry that, there are people that will try their best to knick and pick to try to find things that used to could break Fantasia.”

She continued, “That Fantasia is gone.”

Fantasia then talked about her scandalous relationship with a married man.

“I have two things to say about that. I think that if you’re going to go into a new situation, there’s no need to take the old baggage with you regardless of what they had going on,” Fantasia said. She added, if the man is still actively married, a woman should only do one thing and that’s run, run as fast as she can.

That’s probably some good advice!

However, there were rumors Fantasia wasn’t too happy about her ex-lover’s wife mothering their child (Antwaun Cook and Paula Cook).

“Antwaun and Paula are really happy being together again, and they already have two sons that Dallas fits in perfectly with and loves being around,” an insider said.

“Fantasia and Antwaun have shared custody of Dallas, but he ends up with him a lot since she’s busy on Broadway, which in turn gives Paula a lot of time with him.”

The insider continued with, “But her relationship with Antwaun takes precedence right now and the last thing on their minds is whether or not it’s hurting Fantasia’s feelings. She won’t sacrifice the well-being of the child because it’s not his fault.”

Nevertheless, Fantasia seems to be growing from her situation with the married man and being a mother.

Watch Fantasia’s interview on “The View” below: