chucksmith*Doing more damage than control while doing damage control.

That’s exactly what the former NFL pro Chuck Smith did after talking about his deep relationships with Kandi Burruss and Phaedra Parks — later retracting his statements.

He’s tried to save that hide, huh? He wishes he would have explained himself better — by throwing large amounts of shade the ladies way.

“I should have talked about them in a different way,” Chuck told “I should have given my wife a little more information about them. It’s just unfortunate I got caught in this situation.”

Yeah, he probably wishes he would have thought that out a little more because his wife Mynique Smith went straight to the subjects of the conversation. And Burruss ensured her their relationship was definitely a deep one.

Yet Smith continued to deny Burruss and his previous claim, calling the women part of his team and only friends with benefits — not that his wife would take too kindly to fwb over ltr (long-term relationship).

He might have dug himself a deeper hole — not only with his wife — but his old flames as well.

“Phaedra was just an ugly duckling from the sixth grade,” he said. Apparently, his relationship with Kandi was a bit more. “Her mama cooked good food,” Chuck recalled.

Uh oh! That wasn’t nice at all. Well, Smith feels like his skeletons shouldn’t be dug up with, “Why is what I did at 27 that important?” he asked. “It should be about what I do now teaching the art of the pass rush and how to be a good NFL rookie.”

Well, apparently he’s been part of reality TV without actually watching it because it’s all about “real” life drama, women thrown in the ring with their high heels and digging up skeletons.

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