terrell owens*He got love through the mail? It seems that way.

Terrell Owens secret future bride doesn’t seem so much a secret now.

The NFL star is said to be marrying a Texas postal worker this upcoming spring — the season for blossoming flowers and love… equaling weddings!

According to Bleacher Report, Rachel Snider is the bride-to-be.

Owens received a marriage license from Los Angeles and it’s valid until April 8, which means… a spring wedding for sure!

But Snider is NOT one of Owens four mothers of his children or how many people like affectionately say, “baby mamas”.

Owens has faced much public and media scrutiny over his many baby mamas, children and child support drama, which he paid off in 2012. Well, at least one of his children’s mothers didn’t bash him.

Baby mama number four wrote in a letter, “As the mother of Terrell Owens’ youngest child, Atlin, I have watched and listened to the public and media conversation about my son’s father throughout the past several years. I have heard both the positive and the “less than favorable things” said about the one who calls himself [B]“T.O.”[/B] watching his rise and fall in the public spotlight.”

She continued with, “By no stretch of the imagination have I been happy with Terrell’s past actions as it relates to my son. To see Terrell rise to the levels he did, yet not find it within himself to meet and develop a relationship with his son because of his so call “resentment toward me” and other excuses, to me is somewhere between immature, ridiculous and inexcusable. But I did not “put him on blast” in the media or go public with my story for a number of reasons. Primarily because…regardless of how I felt about his father’s actions, Terrell is still his father.”

Could Snider just be joining the club of baby mamas or is she the one he marries and settles down with?

That has yet to be seen, but love and marriage leads to children. TBA.