kelly rowland & beyonce*What seems to us a non-story has gone viral.

We’re referring to an old video of Destiny’s Child that was unearthed recently via Vine.

In the six second clip we see the various members of the group including a young Kelly Rowland who introduces herself as DC’s second lead singer.

Hmm, 2nd what?!

Anyway,  we can’t say for sure if the timing was pure coincidence, but a young Beyoncé has a brief coughing fit and a sort of rolls her eyes.

So, was it a diss or not? Did Miss Knowles trow shade at Miss Rowland? Well, obviously the two have had a long relationship and are friends even today … as far as we know. But Kelly did recently announce that she wasn’t inviting Bey (or anybody else) to her upcoming wedding.

Hey check it out and let us know what you think. Did Queen Bey throw shade at Kelly or is it a non-mother f-ing factor to paraphrase a well known “Basketball Wife.”  🙂

(Be sure to put your cursor on the Vine to see the speaker/sound icon in the upper left corner)