kanye west (yeezus tshirt) *Kanye West may face legal troubles over his alleged assault of a teenager, but new details have surfaced from a witness who claims the rapper’s violent encounter was in defense of his fiancé, Kim Kardashian

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The encounter came after the teen held a door for Kardashian to enter a medical office in Beverly Hills, Calif. From there, the teen blasted the paparazzi who followed Kardashian by screaming “F–k these f–got-ass n—gers.” After Kardashian told the teen that it wasn’t appropriate to use the n-word, the teen allegedly responded with “”F–k you, bitch. Just trying to help you. Shut up, n–ger lover, stupid slut.”

West’s involvement occurred after Kardashian called him on her cell phone. Once he realized Kardashian was talking to West, TMZ notes the teen yelled “F–k you, n—ger.”

An eyewitness at the medical office revealed to the website that West walked into the medical-office waiting room, saw the 18-year-old teen, who was sitting in a chair and, without saying a word, allegedly began punching the teen in the face like a boxer. Prior to the beating, the teen called Kardashian a “n–ger lover” and a “stupid bitch”

Although the teen covered his face, the witness added that West did not stop punching as Kardashian stood there and silently watched the beating.

The teen ultimately curled into a ball to block West’s punches, which continued despite a receptionist yelling, “stop, stop” to no avail. The altercation ultimately came to an end once a massage therapist came into the room, pushed West off the teen and ordered the entertainer and Kardashian to leave the office.

The incident has since resulted in threats of lawsuits from both parties involved.