kenya moore *Who knew. She’s does have a man!

But she’s not sure if he will father her future baby.

Kenya Moore is sure about one thing, and that’s becoming a mom! The father is to be announced.

“I fear a lot of things by having a child with my African friend. He lives I don’t even know how many miles away. Do I want to have a child knowing that my life will change not only where my children would live, but where I would live,” said Kenya who is planning to undergo in vitro fertilization this year.

Moore’s “African prince” as she calls him lives so far away that she’s not sure about the changes the baby and herself would have to adjust to, but she held her guns when it came to telling her family about her decision.

“I’m definitely going to have a child,” she tells her family members.

Moore continued with, “I know that I want a child and I know that I will be willing to make sacrifices,” said Kenya who is estranged from her mother. “I’m so tired of not having my own family. Having a child of my own will in some way repair that void.”

Well if anything Moore seems happy with her new African business mogul/beau.

For the reality drama of it all, watch the clip: