*Ice Cube is on the receiving end of at least one smack from Kevin Hart in their new film “Ride Along.”  …And according to the Hart, it wasn’t one of those Hollywood air-smacks.

You’ll have to see the film to find out under what circumstance the open hand is delivered, but the pair recently spoke about that and other aggressive activity that took place between their brother-in-law characters during filming.

Unlike Kevin, Cube says he kept his hits professional.

“I never hit Kevin. I hit one of the stunt men, though, on accident. I had to get a jaw shot in on the first day to set the tone,” he said during a press conference, putting bass in his voice.

It wasn’t the first accident for Cube on a film set.

“I think I clocked Tiny Lister when we was doing ‘Friday’ and fighting outside,” said Cube. “I got him real good. It happens, but not on purpose.”

As for Hart, the comic explains why he had no choice but to make contact with Cube’s cheek in “Ride Along.”

“Ride Along” opens Jan. 14. Watch the trailer below.