Torrei Hart*First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes the divorce and your ex-wife’s TV show.

Kevin Hart‘s ex, Torrei Hart, gives you her perspective about his new film, “Ride Along.”

“Yup! I’m here to review my ex-husbands new movie.” Torrei shows her funny side, in her Bounce TV debut on the “BRKDWN.”

“This movie is incredible! It is a rollercoaster of absolute hilarity. Unlike, say, my marriage!” Laughed the actress during the “Ex-Wives Movie Review” video.

Scroll down to watch Torrei’s review.

Ex Wives Movie ReviewTune in Tuesday at 9:30 PM EST, to see the full “BRKDWN” episode.

“BRKDWN” started on YouTube and made its television debut last Fall on the Bounce Network.  Based upon the online show, the new version of “BRKDWN” is a half-hour series featuring pop culture news and stories of the moment. Viewed through the distinctive lens of today’s media- connected urban experience. Audiences get a glimpse into a day-in-the-life of tapping episodes, at the Bunim-Murray studio and a chance to be featured in upcoming shows.

“Ride Along” is in theaters now.

Ride Along MovieUniversal Pictures, “Ride Along” is the first leading role for comedian Kevin Hart, who plays a video game-obsessed security guard trying to impress his girlfriend’s brother, a rule-bending Atlanta detective played by Ice Cube.

The cop-buddy comedy is in theaters now.

Below is a preview for “BRKDWNS'” new episode.