kobe-bryant*With former NBPA executive director Billy Hunter’s lawsuit being dismissed, Kobe Bryant was not shy about voicing his opinion on the situation.

According to the BleacherReport.com, the Los Angeles Laker star was understandably pleased with the outcome.

“Of course, it should have been (dismissed),” Bryant told the website on Friday, in his first public remarks on the case. “It’s unfounded. It’s just silly.”

In a unanimous vote by player representatives, Hunter was fired last February. In May, he filed a wrongful-termination suit against the union and its former president, Derek Fisher in an effort to primarily claim the $10 million left on his contract. In addition to striking back at the representatives, Hunter used the lawsuit to air out his grievances with Fisher. Hunter accuses Fisher of negotiating in secret with league officials and scheming to take his job as executive director.

Allegations of a backroom deal between Fisher and NBA officials are nothing new as they have been present since an anonymously sourced news report came out in late October 2011. Despite the accusations, there was no supporting evidence to corroborate the story. Nevertheless, Hunter brought the issue back to the forefront when he included details of the situation in his lawsuit.

Bryant’s part was ultimately contained in court documents filed in November.

“He’s full of s—; that’s what I thought,” the athlete said Friday as he reminisced over his reaction to Hunter’s claim. “I was shocked, more than anything else. Just shocked. It’s one of those things, it just kind of comes out of left field.”

Bryant, along with several other star players, briefly participated in the labor negotiations. However, the infighting between Fisher and Hunter as well as his disillusionment with the process quickly soured Bryant on the experience as he admitted to knowing early on that it was a no-win situation for the players.

“It was very easy for me to understand from the beginning that us, as players, are always going to be on the losing side of the situation,” Bryant said. “Because the owners always have the upper hand, always have the advantage. From that perspective, it’s very easy for me to just detach myself and not get involved. I went down, listened to the nonsense that was going on, said this ain’t for me.”

As for what the union should do, Bryant encouraged exercising patience while taking a deliberative approach.

“They need to be patient,” he said. They need to approach this in a professional manner and find people that are as talented on our side that are on the NBA side. That’s the bottom line. We have the ability to go get top-level executives; there’s no reason why we should not do that. Especially with the amount of revenue that we generate. I think it’s important for them to be patient. I think it’s important to have checks and balances in place and not giving one person all of that control, and have clear lanes of accountability. I think if we have that, we’ll be all right.”