lauren lake*Lauren Lake is a multi-faceted television personality who now serves as the judge on the new nationally syndicated daily (Mon. – Fri.) half hour courtroom series, “Paternity Court.”
A legal and relationship expert she explains what stokes her passion for what she does.

“As a family attorney I had practiced so much matrimonial law, divorce law, family law that quite frankly my expertise comes from seeing so many people get it wrong – and I’m inspired and feel passionate about helping people get it right.”

Lake has been called on to provide her legal knowledge by a number of the top television networks including CNN, Fox News, and MSNBC. But now she’s bringing the gavel down as a judge on her own show.

People can find a few other shows that deal with paternity, along with a lot of baby mama drama – however she says “Paternity Court” is different, “Our show is different because we deal with the legal ramifications and responsibilities regarding the results. We also give an empowering and encouraging word to our guests.”

Her show offers psychiatry services to guests once they leave the courtroom, as well as resources in their home state to continue counseling.

She says she hopes that when people watch her show that they will find that paternity isn’t “this dirty little secret that everyone is ashamed about.”

Lake is also an author of the self-help book for women, Girl! Let Me Tell You.

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