lee-daniels*With a year filled with critical acclaim for his movie “The Butler,” life should be pretty good for Lee Daniels.

As an adult, things are well for the filmmaker, but not without experiencing a childhood filled with bullying and suicidal thoughts over him being gay.

“You know, the universe has been kind to me,” Daniels told The Hollywood Reporter during a recent interview. “I had a rough childhood growing up—very rough. Oftentimes I wanted to kill myself as a kid. You know, I was bullied because I was gay and then I was bullied because I was Black going to an all-white school later on. Thank God I didn’t kill myself, huh? I think that the universe took care and God took care of me. I am the product of that environment.”

Daniels’ revelation comes amid comments the director made earlier this year to Larry King regarding how the negative environments such as church and family can prevent Black gay men from coming out of the closet.

Earlier this year, Daniels told Larry King that Black gay men often don’t come out of the closet because of negative environments they live in—churches, family and more can hinder coming out.

This year saw celebrities many celebrities discuss the difficulty of being gay in Hollywood. In April Jason Collins made history and headlines as the first active NBA player to come out as a gay man when he wrote a first person essay in Sport Illustrated. Months later in October, Wanda Sykes described herself as the “trifecta of discrimination” because of being a Black, gay and a woman.