gabrielle-union*Before her days with Dwayne Wade  — dealing with baby mama drama and taking a brief break because of being a workaholic — Gabrielle Union was going through a devastating divorce.

She divorced Chris Howard in 2006. Now she’s marrying Wade.

But her divorce was one she needed help getting through and her dear friends were there.

“When you hit rock bottom and the only way you can go is up, it’s one of the first lessons,” Gabrielle told, adding that her friends Essence Atkins and A.J. Johnson helped her bounce back. “They always knew I was enough, but I didn’t see that until I was divorced and I was under the bed with the dog.”

But the same reasons why some feel Wade is the one who shouldn’t marry Union is probably what got her in trouble during her first marriage.

But Union credits Johnson for shedding light on her poor decisions.

“She didn’t allow me to blame my ex-husband,” Gabrielle explained. “The reality is I was the villain. It’s hard to look at yourself and say, ‘You screwed up. You did this. You did that.’”

All the self reflection might be stemmed from not only being on the verge marriage, but “Being Mary Jane” as well. She says her character on the series has a long way to go.

Union on her character stealing her ex’s sperm, “That sperm is like a character. The sperm becomes a character that you will see throughout the show, and you will see what happens,” she joked before giving male fans an important piece of advice. “Throw away your own condoms fellas. Throw away your own condoms!”

Nevertheless, maybe her self-discoveries are enough to make her marriage with Wade work.