ludacris & eudoxie*We know it’s not exactly new news, but Ludacris‘ infidelity story is pretty much a mirror image of Dwyane Wade‘s.

Dwyane Wade knocks up Aja Metoyer while on break from his main woman, Gabrielle Union. He an Gabby are still kicking it like nothing ever happened. In fact, their engagement is still on.

OK, so what about Luda?

Well, he impregnated Tamika Fuller while on break from his longtime main squeeze Eudoxie. There’s no marriage proposal, between them as far as we know, but apparently she’s forgiven him and is not going anywhere ’cause she still wants to marry him.

According to TMZ, sources say Eudoxie – who’s been hangin’ with Luda since 2009 (hmm, same as Gabby Union and D.Wade) is of course emotionally hurt and humiliated, etc. – but she too is taking the position they weren’t a couple at the time of conception.

And when it comes to Ludacris’ impending child support battle with Tamika, supposedly Eudoxie will make sure the rapper/actor supports the kid like a responsible father.

And that’s how you do it when you are celebrity power couples. At least that’s how it’s working out so far. Time will tell.