Mama Joyce*Mama Joyce is not too happy with her portrayal on “Real Housewives of Atlanta” and is contemplating  leaving the show.

She made “a name” for herself ranting about her daughter’s, Kandi Burruss‘ relationship with Todd Tucker.

She swears she means well with her intentions for her daughter and claims the show’s producers are editing each episode to make her look like the villain.  Mmm hmm yeah because “RHOA” is gunning for an Emmy in visual effects!

Mama Joyce has declared war on Tucker — repeatedly ranting Tucker wasn’t good enough for her daughter and he’s only an opportunist. Also, she’s accused Tucker of cheating with her daughter’s friend, Carmon.  And opted to fight her at her daughter’s wedding dress fitting. And according to Mama Joyce, apparently the editing of this like many other of her moments were altered somehow.  Yeah, OK.

“A lot of people who worked for Kandi and I have told me that Todd and Carmon were acting like much more than friends around the house,” continued [Mama] Joyce concerning rumors of infidelity on Tucker’s part.

Nevertheless, Mama Joyce is calling it quits with fighting against her daughter’s relationships choices and meddling in her love life. Burruss is engaged to Tucker — much to her mother’s dislike, but  if Burruss is making a mistake, Mama Joyce is going to let her make it.

“I’ve confronted Kandi [about the cheating rumors] — but she’s still with Todd, so who knows. It’s her choice, and I wish her well.”

Maybe butting out was probably the best thing to do from the jump — then maybe that visual effects editing Bravo has been doing would have never happened, right Mama Joyce?