michelle-obama*On Friday, Michelle Obama will enter a new era personally by officially becoming, as she gladly says, “50 and fabulous.”

And in true fashion, the first lady has already started celebrating reaching the half-century mark by remaining in Hawaii after her family’s holiday vacation to spend time with her girlfriends.

The festivities will conclude Saturday with Michelle being the guest of honor at a party at the White House. According to reports partygoers have been advised to eat before they arrive and be ready to boogie down.

With 50 years of living under her belt, Michelle has lived enough for more than a few people. And with that comes being the wife of the leader of the free world and a sense of comfort with being in the public eye and learning to fully embrace her high-profile role and life five year’s after becoming First Lady.

“I have never felt more confident in myself, more clear on who I am as a woman,” Mrs. Obama told Parade magazine.

Although she has championed various causes and makes an impression with her unique style and fashion, Mrs. Obama hasn’t been without her critics, who have noted her ability to remain in her lane without making waves in matters or issues involving her husband and his administration.

Evidence of Mrs. Obama’s hard work can be found in her campaign against childhood obesity. As a result of the efforts retailers and food makers are reformulating processed foods to cut down on sugar, salt and fat as well. Similar changes are also being made by some chain restaurants and healthier school lunches are taking a healthy turn.

Mrs. Obama’s efforts have resulted in the public viewing her more favorably than the president. According to a an Associated Press-GfK poll conducted last month, Mrs. Obama’s favorability among the public was 59 percent, compared to her husband’s 46 percent.

As for what she plans to do after her time as first lady is up, it’s currently unclear. No matter what, the world will be watching.