Mike and KiKi Tyson

Mike and “KiKi” Tyson

*They’ve already put a lot of thought into this!

Mike Tyson and his wife, Lakiha “Kiki” Spicer Tyson plan to produce a biopic about his earlier years as a boxer.

The couple already have in mind who to write the screenplay and star in the biopic.

They want Larry Sloman to write the screenplay who also wrote Tyson’s book Undisputed Truth.

As for who would play Tyson, they plan to cast an unknown younger actor in the part, but Kevin Spacey as Tyson’s mentor Cus D’Amato and Helen Mirren as his adoptive mother Camille Ewald, are idea candidates to star.

According to Page Six, the couple did sit next to Mirren at the HBO table at the Golden Globes. Maybe their people will be in contact with her people!