Valentine's Day. Two in love hearts on a bench.*Proposing to your girlfriend isn’t an original idea, and popping the question on Valentine’s Day isn’t any more innovative.

Out of the 14 million people who planned on proposing in 2013, 6 million of them chose V-day to do it, according to an American Express Spending and Saving Tracker poll.

However, just because a lot of other guys have the same idea doesn’t mean that a Valentine’s Day proposal won’t make your honey swoon and be moved to say ‘yes!’.

She’s sure to love it, but only if you follow a few dos and don’ts of Valentine’s Day proposing to make the event extra memorable in a good way.

Do Know Your Target

ABC News recommends planning a Valentine’s Day proposal around her favorite things. Do you know your girl’s favorite color, food, song and movie? Use one or all to create a memorable occasion. Does she love Jim Carrey, for example? Build on what was supposed to have been the proposal scene from “Bruce Almighty.” Whatever you do, don’t fall into the trap of traditional V-Day decor and date. If you’re going to propose on a predictable day, make the event as unpredictable as possible. When you drop to one knee, though, keep it traditional and use her full name in your monologue.

Don’t Botch the Timing

This applies to proposing at the wrong time of day, as well as the wrong time in the relationship. The Wedding Channel advises against making your proposal too much of a surprise by popping the question too early. If you’ve only been on a handful of dates, proposing just because it’s Valentine’s Day isn’t appropriate. Romantic and impetuous, maybe. Appropriate? No.

A Valentine’s breakfast proposal might seem perfect to you, especially if you can’t wait to spring it on her, but if one or both of you has to get to work or a meeting, neither of you will have time to enjoy the occasion. A late-night proposal isn’t the best idea, either. If your soon-to-be fiancé will want to call friends and family, it might be too late for excited, gushing phone calls. Try not to spring the ring on her at an expected time, either. A proposal that takes her off guard is one that will take her breath away, and possibly not in your favor.

Do Ask for Help

Ask for help, especially if you need it. You won’t stress as much and will be able to enjoy the event all the more if you aren’t frazzled from handling all the details. Have one of your friends help organize your scheme and pull it off. Be sure to swear them to secrecy, though, and don’t tell more people than necessary about your plan so your gal won’t catch wind of your plot before Valentine’s Day.

Don’t Make the Ring the Only Gift You Offer

Certainly the engagement ring is an important element, but it’s Valentine’s Day, man! Your woman deserves all the trimmings. Bring along a special family memento, or consider nestling the ring box in a Valentines Day gift basket.

Do Expect the Unexpected

Can you identify the few times everything went perfectly as planned in your life? Those occasions can probably be counted on one hand. Remember Murphy’s Law and roll with the punches. Laugh it off when something goes awry. In the end, even if rain starts pouring while you’re on bended knee, it will still be a memorable moment.