chloe and halle bailey*Meet the talented Bailey sisters: Chloe (14) and Halle (12).

Oh yeah, did we say they were talented? There’s no doubt about it. The proof is in the pudding as the old saying goes.

These young easy-to-look-at up and comers have already received critical acclaim for their covers of hit songs like “Skyfall” and “We Found Love.” And they’ve received national exposure on shows like “Ellen” and on the Disney Channel.

Hey, check this out. Not only have they done a version of Beyoncé‘s new ditty “Pretty Hurts,” Bey herself is raving about it. She even posted their clip on her Facebook page with the caption “so amazingly talented!”

If you’re wondering about their musical skills, according to their website, “Chloe plays the piano while Halle plays the guitar. They are singers and songwriters with classic voices and melodic harmonies.”

Check out their cover of Beyonce’s “Pretty Hurts”: