kevin durant*You can put Kevin Durant on the list of celebrities who have had their twitter account hacked.

As a result of the hacking, media sources report the NBA star’s clean-cut image has taken a shot amid a leaked twitter photo of him smoking hookah, a legal substance most commonly filled with tobacco.

Although he acknowledged nothing wrong with Durant smoking,’s Dan Feldman questioned how the picture could damage parent’s perception of him and his influence on their kids.

“…such high-profile athletes with so many endorsements don’t generally make a habit of displaying their drug use, even when it’s legal,” Feldman stated. “Some people don’t want their kids exposed to that, and they could always respond by avoiding products endorsed by the celebrity.”

Durant took to Twitter himself to tell followers how the picture really surfaced.

Yoooo somebody hacked my phone though…it’s blowing me, not my twitter my phone—Kevin Durant (@KDTrey5) January 10, 2014

Textin my contacts crazy messages, my mom, dad brother..disrespecting can u do that—Kevin Durant (@KDTrey5) January 10, 2014

Obviously it’s me smoking hookah, but I didn’t post it RT @SamsonBaya: “Sorry y’all my phone got hacked” @KDTrey5 just own up to it fool—Kevin Durant (@KDTrey5) January 10, 2014

Durant’s Oklahoma City Thunder teammate Nick Collison confirmed that the basketball player was not responsible for the leak:

@Deadspin I saw the tweet come up on my timeline when he was outside the bus going through TSA security. He didn’t send it. Very weird.