Chiara de Blasio*As Chiara de Blasio‘s dad, NYC Mayor-elect Bill de Blasio, gets sworn into office by former President Bill Clinton on January 1, the 19-year-old college sophomore can give herself a hearty pat on the back.

After all, her decision to allow her father and his transition team to out her struggle with drugs and alcohol obviously struck a chord. In what appeared to be a last-ditch political move (For what purpose we don’t know.

He had already been elected) a four-minute video that revealed Chiara’s private struggle with mood enhancers was released on Christmas eve. What made it so perplexing was that de Blasio had been so fiercely protective of his children during the campaign; and at one point, even told reporters that his children were “off limits.”

Guess he wanted to do it his way, in his own time.

In the video, Chiara looks directly into the camera and says she got high to deal with clinical depression and anxiety.

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