Obama Family*Christmastime is always filled with moments that make for good memories. And Alane Ecklund Church has a holiday memory she will always remember.

Today.com reports the Illinois woman got more than she bargained for when she received a package from her brother-in-law that came with a little something extra. The something extra turned out to be a gift from “Barack, Michelle + the girls,” according to the handwriting on the gift tag.

The Obama box, which was opened by Church’s husband on New Year’s Day, was actually meant for Eleanor “Mama Kaye” Wilson, a close friend of the Obama family who is the godmother to Sasha and Malia Obama. The box was one of many gifts found in the brother-in-law’s damaged package, which was finally delivered to Church on New Year’s Eve.

“The gifts were broken open. Parts of the old box were in this toilet paper box that the post office repackaged, and in the bottom of the box was this extra gift,” she shared with the “Today” show anchors on Thursday via Skype. “We were reading the tag, trying to figure out where this came from. It was opened, so we then discovered this was a very personal gift to Mama Kaye.”

Mama Kaye’s gift? A personalized book of photographs.

“It’s very special. Private moments of their year of 2013 together,” said Church, who went ahead and phoned Mama Kaye after getting her contact information. In addition, Church discovered that Sasha and Malia make a memory book every year for their godmother.

Church shared her experience with President Obama’s close friend as she revealed that Mama Kaye “is so kind, and very excited to get her picture book of the girls’ lives in 2013!”

For anyone wondering if the gift was really what it is, Church confirmed its legitimacy with TODAY anchors and added that it would soon be making its way to Wilson and her family. Despite obtaining a real find, Church was not in favor of showing any of the photographs inside the memory book.

“We’re sort of wanting to keep it private for Mama Kaye,” she said.

To see Church’s interview on the “Today” show, click on the video below: