O.J. Simpson*Rumors of OJ Simpson having fatal brain cancer and sending a letter to President Barack Obama requesting a presidential pardon are – get ready for it – not true.

Simpson’s lawyer Osvaldo E. Fomo confirmed the falsity in an email to the Washington Post as he assured the news publication that “that Mr. Simpson, health-wise, is absolutely just fine.”

“He’s looking forward to his appeal,” he added. “If he was suffering from anything the procedure would be to ask the governor of Nevada for release not the president.”

All of the hoopla over OJ’s well-being and presidential request came late last week amid a series of online posts about the former NFL great, the Post reports. The story apparently gained enough traction for outlets like The Washington Times, the Huffington Post, the UK’s Daily Telegraph and the Examiner to quote an anonymously reported National Enquirer story that claimed Simpson begged the president, “Please, don’t let me die in prison.”

Simpson, known as inmate No. 1027820 of Lovelock Correctional Facility in Nevada, is currently serving 33 years for robbery. His bid for a new trial was denied last November.