porsha-kordell-towanda*Their marriage might  have been over, but the drama continued! That was until “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” star Porsha Williams revealed she isn’t mad at all.

Kordell Stewart has gotten over her relevantly quick — only less than two weeks after their divorce had been finalized last month.

But she’s hopes he finds happiness with his new rumored romance with another reality star… Towanda Braxton of “Braxton Family Values”!

“I think that’s great, I love Towanda,” Williams said. “I’ve watched her show and if that works for him then I’m happy.”

Stewart and Braxton were photographed cozying up to one another at the premiere of Grudge Match back in December in Atlanta. Although, it might have been a shocker (or shady) to some to see a recent divorcee move on so quickly, in this particular case it shouldn’t have been.  

Nevertheless, Stewart and Williams went through a nasty divorce — one with Williams revealing a lot — including finding out about the divorce via Twitter and how her husband controlled her, which he didn’t want to be publicly talked about. Yet, he announced their divorce via Twitter. Hmm…

Also, Williams did say not so kind words about her ex-husband’s sexuality. In fact, she questioned his sexuality due to things she’d seen and then, took it back! According to Radar Online,  Williams says she’s just fine after the divorce and says the gay rumors, which he denies, has nothing to do with the divorce.

“The reason we broke up is because of the treatment. It’s all about the treatment. If he was down low, of course I wouldn’t know about it. That’s a secret, right? Down low, secret type of situation. Therefore, for me, it was the way I was being treated and just how we were disagreeing with each other,” Williams said.

“We just grew apart.”

But Williams’ antics might not be the only reason why Stewart moved on so quickly. It turns out he might have a lot in common with Braxton. She’s going through her own separation… well, sort of. She might be separated from her husband, Andre Carter, but the two still live together for their children’s sake… yet in her sister Trina’s home.

“With the kids, we do things together,” Braxton recently said. “But as far as our marriage, we’re separated. I think that because you are separated and you’re not with that person, you don’t have to be mean and nasty. It doesn’t have to get ugly.”

“We don’t sleep in the same bed,” she clarified. “We’re like roommates … There are so many people now that are going through the same thing that I’m going through because of the recession, because of the economy. It’s affected so many people.”

It was clear last year Williams and Stewart for the most part couldn’t stand, but to talk bad about each other. However, it seems like Williams is being the bigger person and is moving on from the divorce. In fact, Williams and Stewart are on speaking terms again!

But if Williams (or Williams Stewart) has held on to the marriage in any way, she’s held on to his name, that is!  Nevertheless, maybe Williams is starting to take note of what Wendy Williams said about her behavior being less than smart (and she’s making up for that now).

Anyways, let’s watch how this newly ignited relationship between Stewart and Braxton pans out or more importantly how it plays out on their individual reality soap operas. Publicity stunt? Actual romance? Just “close” friends? Spin-off show(s)? At the very least, more drama? Yes.