Bobby V*R&B platinum recording artist Bobby V recently released his fifth studio album and has decided to take his music in a new direction.

Bobby’s first claim to fame was from his 2005 debut self titled album “Bobby Valentino,” and his smash single, “Slow Down.”

He has released four studio albums that have earned platinum sales.

Since then the singer has been able to stay consistent and release music that seems to have resonated well with his fans. But now his extended play album promises to introduce a variety of sounds, instruments and vocals.

“After making albums with contemporary R&B, I needed a change and wanted to do something real that has substance to it and that’s me performing with my band and playing the piano,” Valentino told theGrio in a phone interview.

His newly released  EP, “Peach Moon,” has Bobby V’s voice synced to live instruments which he hopes will create a classic body of work.

Bobby also showcases his piano-playing skills as well as the use of live trumpets, guitars, violins and drums.

“For a minute I lost my love for music and I got tired of listening to the radio,” Valentino admitted. “But I found a new love in the piano and performing with my band made me want to do this.”

“Peach Moon” took Bobby close to four months to create and produce. He feels it embodies a wide range of sounds, tempos and emotions.

This album doesn’t place emphasis on a lot of big name features, it’s purpose is to highlight Bobby V’s solo capabilities.

“I just wanted to do something different [with Peach Moon],” he said. “I wanted to give people real music.”