stephanie & patrick

*(Via iDateDaily) – Everyone has something they are willing to sacrifice to maintain a happy relationship. What are you willing to do in the name of love?

One man named Patrick has sacrificed his own hygiene and testicles to keep the peace in his relationship with his extremely cheap girlfriend Stephanie.

Although both of the lovers are gainfully employed, Stephanie forces her (noticeably) obese boyfriend to take “navy showers,” i.e. a process in which a person wets their body just enough to lather it in soap and only turn on water to rinse off the soap for 1-2 minutes.

According to Stephanie, the process saves money on the couple’s water bill for — what appears to be — a moderate-sized apartment. Patrick admits the 2-minute shower doesn’t help him maintain his hygiene:

I’m not allowed to take long showers ’cause Stephanie wants to save money for the water bill. I don’t really get to wash my full body, like, I’m a grown αss man, I should be able to just get in there [and] take a manly shower.”

Hmm, really? You can get the rest of the story at iDateDaily.