gabrielle union & dwyane wade*As EURweb and other media outlets have already reported, Dwyane Wade,31, fathered a child with a woman named Aja Metoyer.

This happened during a break in his relationship with actress Gabrielle Union, 41. And interestingly news of the secret child came right after the Miami Heat superstar player asked Union to marry him.

Even knowing that he’s just had a child outside of their relationship, Union still accepted his proposal and tweeted a somewhat cryptic massage regarding the lovechild:

“Workin on ME has gotten me MUCH further than obsessing/criticizing/judging other folks. U never lose when u work on yourself.”

Wade himself shed light on the couple’s decision to move on with their lives, together:

“…Like I’ve said, this is something that my family knows and my now fiancée worked through when we got back together, and understood that we wanted to continue our lives together and continue supporting our family and we’re going to do that.”

That’s all and well, but relationship columnist “Ree The (Ree)lationship Guide” at iDateDaily believes Gabby is stepping onto a “slippery slope” and give five reasons why she put DWade in her rearview mirror:

1. She Has Doubted Him In The Past. Do you remember the drama that surfaced when Wade and Union initially started dating? Wade’s then-wife went on a public tirade against Union, in an effort to ruin her character. She even filed a lawsuit against the actress, alleging she was the primary cause of she and Wade’s divorce. During that time, Union doubted the relationship, but decided to keep it going. Doubt has always been a strong indication that the relationship may not be favorable.

2. Her Relationship With Wade Continues to Threaten Her Career. When she struggled to detach herself from the criticism that was thrown her way for allegedly “stealing” Wade from his now-ex-wife, the drama threatened her career. “It’s hard because, aside from loving him, I want to protect myself. I’ve built my life. I built my own brand. I built my career and my career took a hit from that madness because some people refuse to see the truth, even when it’s presented to them time and time again,” Union said during a radio interview. “I love him but at some point it’s about self preservation and I needed to protect myself and everything I built.” The news of this third child is sure to be yet another threat to her career.

3. Wade Doesn’t Appear to Have Control of His “Situations.” Wade appears to not be responsible when it comes to protecting the brands of his fiancée and himself. How did the news of the third baby conveniently surface just days after he proposed to Union? Because of his inability to control his situations, he continues to add unnecessary strain and suffering to he and Union’s relationship. He has the money and resources to keep things of this matter private until he chooses to discuss them publicly. Has he not taken notes from his colleague Dwight Howard? A judge enforced a gag order that prohibits Howard’s son’s mother Royce Reed from talking about him.

Hmm, very interesting points. For the others, click over to iDateDaily, then let us know your thoughts via our comment board below.