peter & cynthia bailey*(Via iDateDaily) – If you’ve been watching this season of “Real Housewives of Atlanta,” you’re fully aware of the growing tension between model Cynthia Bailey and her husband Peter Thomas.

After overcoming Cynthia’s medical problem that nearly led Peter to have an affair, the couple is facing yet another issue — Cynthia’s sister, Malorie, is moving into their home. The problem? Peter and Malorie have a rocky past and Cynthia did not allow Peter to have any say-so in the decision to allow her sibling to crash in their home.

Peter was noticeably livid and further expressed his frustrations when he and his wife sat down to discuss her decision. Peter, who is known for having a razor-sharp tongue, told his wife: “We can’t continue like this. Somebody needs an escape route.”

While I hope the couple will make an effort to save their marriage, below are three reasons why I believe this relationship will end this year:

1. Being the breadwinner, Cynthia appears to have lost respect for Peter. Prior to marrying in 2011, the couple argued over botched business plans that left Peter at a financial disadvantage. Today the couple is living primarily, if not solely, off of Cynthia’s modeling agency business. While being in a marriage that is financially striving off of the success of the wife is not uncommon in the 21st Century, revoking a husband’s right to have a voice is… This is especially true regarding matters that will affect both partners in the relationship. In this case, the surprise of having Cynthia’s sister living in the house with the couple, who is trying to rebuild their already-broken relationship, emasculates Peter and makes him appear to be more of Cynthia’s sidekick as opposed to her partner. Although she may be frustrated by her husband’s inability to financially contribute to the household, she should still respect him as an equal partner just as men who are the breadwinners in their marriage should treat their wives as equals.

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