black man on phone*(Via iDateDaily) – I think most people would agree that being lied to sucks.

Contingent upon the nature of the lie, it leaves one in a whirlwind of confusion and makes it extremely challenging to trust anything the liar has to say.

As much as we hate being lied to, we’ve all been guilty of lying to someone at some point and time.

When you’ve caught your lover in a lie, it’s naturally easy to feel cheated and/or furious; but it’s important that you attempt to understand why your significant other made the choice to avoid the truth. Obviously, there are some instances when a lie is unacceptable.

An example of those instances are: if your health is in danger as result of your lover’s actions, if your finances will drastically change as a result of your lover’s actions, and/or if your lover is still legally married to someone else. Whether or not you decide to stay with the person after catching them in the lie is up to you, but acquiring an understanding of their purpose can make the difference between you gaining respect for them or losing respect for them.

Here are three things to consider after catching your lover in a lie:

  1. They may be protecting you. As crazy as it may sound, your lover’s decision to not be completely honest with you can actually derive from a selfless place. An example of this would be if your lover gets into legal trouble and is being brought before a judge to testify, it is to your advantage to not know the truth about your significant other’s involvement in the situation so that you aren’t punished as a result of their choices.

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